Self Assessment Checklist


Period Covered: 6th April 2016 to 5th April 2017

In order for us to prepare your personal tax return, please provide full details of all aspects of your personal financial affairs.  If in doubt whether any particular items needs to be declared, please give us full details and we can help you decide.

  1. Income from work:
    • P60 certificate of pay and tax deducted from all employments;
    • P11d return of taxable benefits in kind and expenses (such as cars, vans, BUPA, Gym, loans etc.);
    • Share options and share gains arising from your employment;
    • Casual earnings from part time or occasional work;
    • Self employment profits for a sole trader or partner in a trading partnership.
  2. Pension income:
    • Amount of state pension received in the year;
    • P60 certificate of pay and tax deducted from any occupational pension schemes;
    • Triviality payments from any pension schemes;
    • Details of any tax-free lump sums from any pension schemes;
    • Details of any other draw-downs or withdrawals from any pension schemes.
  3. State benefits:
    • Details of all state benefits received including job seeker’s allowances & incapacity benefits;
    • Details of any child benefits received (number of children and amount) by you or your partner.
  4. Investment income:
    • Details of rents received and relevant expenses from any land or property let;
    • Vouchers or certificates showing dividends from any shares owned;
    • Vouchers of certificates showing dividends being applied to purchase more shares (Ignore ISA’s);
    • Certificates or statements showing interest added in the year (ignore ISA accounts);
    • Certificates of life insurance policy chargeable gains charged to income tax;
    • Full details of income or gains derived from a trust;
  5. Foreign Income and Gains:
    • Foreign employment wages and taxable benefits in kind;
    • Foreign investment income from property, shares, interest, etc.
    • Foreign gains on sale of assets including property, shares, and other investments.
  6. Capital gains:
    • Full documentation for sale of any land or property;
    • Invoices showing sale of any business or business asset;
    • Statements showing sale of any stocks, shares or other assets or investments;
    • Documents confirming gift of any land, property, business, shares or other assets or investments;
    • Full details of any losses you may wish to claim for in respect of qualifying loans written off;
    • Full details of any losses on shares or other assets that are now worthless or of negligible value.
  7. Other income or gains:
    • Any income or gains not included in the above categories.
    • Benefit from pre-owned assets.
  8. Pension contributions:
    • Payslips showing pension contributions paid out of your wages;
    • Statements of personal pension contributions paid directly to a pension provider;
    • Superannuation certificates of contributions paid;
  9. Charity and Gift Aid:
    • Full details of all charitable donations and donations made under Gift Aid during the year;
    • Full details of any land, property or other assets gifted to charity.
  10. Tax Efficient Investments:Full details of any tax relief you wish to claim on tax efficient investments such as:
    • Venture capital trust (VCT);
    • Enterprise Investment scheme (EIS) ;
    • Seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS);
    • Film partnerships;
    • Any other similar tax efficient investment schemes.
  11. Student Loan Repayments
    • Are you liable for repayment of income contingent student loan?
  12. Reliefs and Allowances:
    • Blind person’s allowance if you are registered blind or severely sight impaired.
    • Claim for spouse’s personal allowance or if you want your spouse to have your surplus allowance.

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